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Jamal Zohourian

Jamal Zohourian (b. 1968, Iran)
(Music Teacher, Composer, Conductor)



  Educations :

 Classical Guitar, 1988, B.Mirkhani

• Theory of Music, 1991, M.Rohani

• Harmony and Solfa, 1991-1993, M.Rohani

• Advance course on Orchestration and Counterpoint
   along with Harmony and Theory of Music, 2000, F.Fakhreddini

• Attending Prof. Dr. Lily Afshar's Master Class of Classical Guitar (Active) in Tehran, 2004.



•  Works :

-Waiting (Solo Guitar) in E minor-1993

-Sunset (Solo Guitar) in A minor-1993

-Romance (Solo Guitar) in E minor-1993

-Rondo (Solo Guitar) in G major-1994

-Wave (Solo Guitar) in A minor-1994

-Fall (Solo Guitar) in E minor-1995

-Hamsafar-e-Sayeh(Album-Solo Guitar)-1995
          • Dream in E minor
          Illusion in E minor
          • The Lost Time in E minor
          • Destiny in B minor
          • Life Story in B minor

-Birth (Solo Guitar) in A minor-1996

-The Future (Solo Guitar) in E minor-1996

-The Gold Fish (Solo Guitar) in A minor-1997

-Lonely Sky (Solo Guitar) in A minor-1997

-Breeze (Guitar Duet) in A minor-1998

-Spring (Guitar and Violin _ and revised for Solo Guitar) in E minor-1998

-Dawn (Solo Guitar) in E major-1999

-Moonlight (Orchestral) in D minor-1999

-Epic (Suite Symphonic [1-Dawn, 2-Imperssions, 3-Epic]) in B minor-1999

-Nostalgy (Choral) in A minor, Based on molana's poem-1999

-Sky (Orchestral) in A minor-2000

-Alive (Orchestral) in E minor-2000

-Autumn's Dream (Orchestral) in D minor-2000

-Another Life (Solo Guitar) in A minor-2001

-Sunset (2Guitar and Violin) in A minor-2001

-Summer (Orchestral) in A Minor-2001

-Fly Way (Orchestral) in A Major-2002

-Love Alchamy (Orchestral) in A minor, Based on Hafez poem-2002

-Shadow (Solo Guitar) in A minor-2002

-Alone (2Guitar and Violin or Flute) in E minor-2002

-Missing You (Solo Guitar) in E minor-2003

-Breeze (Guitar trio) in C major-2003

-Rain (Orchestral) in E minor-2003

-Silent World (Solo Guitar) in D minor-2004

-Destiny (Solo Guitar) in C minor-2004

-Victory (Orchestral) in B minor-2004

-Beach (Orchestral) in A minor-2004

-Green (Solo Guitar) in A minor-2004

-The Rainy Afternoon (Solo Guitar) in E minor-2004

-One Day in December (Solo Guitar) in A minor-2004

-Walking Under The Moonlight (Solo Guitar) in A minor-2004

-Yello (Trio for 2 Guitar & Cello) in B minor-2004

-Silent World (Solo Guitar) in D minor-2004

-Sunrise (Solo Guitar) in E minor-2004

-Till We Meet Again (Solo Guitar) in E minor-2004

-Merry Christmas (Solo Guitar) in C Major-2005

-Just Like Yours (Solo and Duet for Guitar) in A minor-2005

-A Road To Dream (Solo Guitar) in D minor-2005

-Tsunami (Solo Guitar) in E major-2005

-Once Upon A Time 1 (Solo Guitar) in G minor-2005

-Out of Time (Solo Guitar) in E minor-2005

-Snowy Day (Solo Guitar) in A minor-2005

-Why (Solo Guitar) in A minor-2005

-Forgotten Memorie (Solo Guitar) in A major-2005

-Passenger (Solo Guitar) in E minor-2005

-Once Upon A Time II (Solo Guitar) in D minor-2005

-Spirited Hands (Solo Guitar) in E minor-2005

-Blue Moments (Solo Guitar) in E minor-2005

-Return (Solo Guitar) in E minor-2005

-Shadow (Solo Guitar) in A minor - 2005

-Elegy (Solo Guitar) in D minor-2005

-Summer Time (Solo Guitar) in E minor-2005

-They Stole The Moon (Solo Guitar) in E minor-2006

-So Close, So Far (Solo Guitar) in E minor - 2006

-Good-bye Friends (Solo Guitar) in E minor - 2006

-Road To Eternity (Solo Guitar) in E minor - 2006

2hr. In Friday Afternoon (Solo Guitar) in D minor 2006

-Let What Happens Happen (Solo Guitar) in A minor - 2006

-Winter Is Here (Solo Guitar) in E minor - 2007

-First Season  (Solo Guitar) in E minor - 2007

-Peace (Solo Guitar) in A minor - 2008

-Pelargonium Flowers (Solo Guitar) in A minor - 2009

-One Day to Heaven (Solo Guitar) in B minor - 2010



•   Guitars :

1 - R.A  Guitar  Model 1215 Concert Guitar
Top : Cedar
Side and Back : Indian Rosewood
FingerBoard : Ebony

2 - R.A  Guitar  Model Master S
Top : Spruce
Side and Back : Indian Rosewood
FingerBoard : Ebony

3 - Aria AC10 Concert Guitar Made By Aria Co. Japan.



•   Performances :

- Conducting Classical Guitar Recital (Seasonal) 1993-1997

- Conducting "Mehregan" Orchestra to Perform
   Nostalgy, Epic, Sky, Alive,
Autumn’s dream Tehran-2001

- Conducting "Mehregan" Orchestra to Perform Epic (Suite Symphonic in Bm)
   in ministry of Culture & Islamic Guidance, Tehran-2001

- Conducting Fajr Orchestra in 18th Fajr Musical Festival, Tehran-2003

   Publication :

2006 : R O A D   T O    E T E R N I T Y
           20 Works for Classical Guitar
           Composed , Arranged and Fingerd By : Jamal Zohourian

ISMN : M-805610-33-0
NLAI : M85-34005

This Book is Available from :

Phone : +971 4 3468056 / +971 4 3468046

Fax : +971 4 3468066

email : mail@music-chamber.net

website : http://www.musicchamber.net


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   Honors :

2001 : commendation from ministry of Culture & Islamic Guidance for my Conducting
           and performance of  Epic Suite.

2004 : Commendation from Young Music Festival For My Contribution to Festival.



•   Other Activities :

- Teaching Classical Guitar, Music Theory, Harmony and Composition Since 1994

- Member of Music Faculty at Ghazvin Artistic Department, Ghazvin 1999-2001

- Member of Composer and Conductor Community in Music House.

- Head of music Department at Varonezh State University (Tehran Branch), 2003

- Lecture on Music Theory in the “Week of Research”-
   Tehran, International Fair Hall,2003